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New and Interesting Fungi. 3.

PW Crous, MJ Wingfield, RK Schumacher, A Akulov, TS Bulgakov, AJ Carnegie, Ž Jurjević, C Decock, S Denman, L Lombard, DP Lawrence, AJ Stack, TR Gordon, RM Bostock, T Burgess, BA Summerell, PWJ Taylor, J Edwards, LW Hou, L Cai Show all

Fungal Syst Evol | Published : 2020


Seven new genera, 26 new species, 10 new combinations, two epitypes, one new name, and 20 interesting new host and / or geographical records are introduced in this study. New genera are: Italiofungus (based on Italiofungus phillyreae) on leaves of Phillyrea latifolia (Italy); Neolamproconium (based on Neolamproconium silvestre) on branch of Tilia sp. (Ukraine); Neosorocybe (based on Neosorocybe pini) on trunk of Pinus sylvestris (Ukraine); Nothoseptoria (based on Nothoseptoria caraganae) on leaves of Caragana arborescens (Russia); Pruniphilomyces (based on Pruniphilomyces circumscissus) on Prunus cerasus (Russia); Vesiculozygosporium (based on Vesiculozygosporium echinosporum) on leaves of M..

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