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Expanding the allergen repertoire of salmon and catfish

Thimo Ruethers, Aya C Taki, Shaymaviswanathan Karnaneedi, Shuai Nie, Tanja Kalic, Danyi Dai, Sakda Daduang, Michael Leeming, Nicholas A Williamson, Heimo Breiteneder, Sam S Mehr, Sandip D Kamath, Dianne E Campbell, Andreas L Lopata

Allergy | WILEY | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Diagnostic tests for fish allergy are hampered by the large number of under-investigated fish species. Four salmon allergens are well-characterized and registered with the WHO/IUIS while no catfish allergens have been described so far. In 2008, freshwater-cultured catfish production surpassed that of salmon, the globally most-cultured marine species. We aimed to identify, quantify, and compare all IgE-binding proteins in salmon and catfish. METHODS: Seventy-seven pediatric patients with clinically confirmed fish allergy underwent skin prick tests to salmon and catfish. The allergen repertoire of raw and heated protein extracts was evaluated by immunoblotting using five allergen-s..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

National Health and Medical Research Council, Grant/Award Number: APP1086656 and GNT1124143; Centre for Food and Allergy Research; James Cook University; Australian Research Council; Research and Technology Transfer Affairs, Khon Kaen University