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Embedding trend into seasonal temperature forecasts through statistical calibration ofGCMoutputs

Yawen Shao, Quan J Wang, Andrew Schepen, Dongryeol Ryu

International Journal of Climatology | Wiley | Published : 2021


Accurate and reliable seasonal climate forecasts are frequently sought by climate‐sensitive sectors to support decision‐making under climate variability and change. Temperature trend is discernible globally over the past decades, but seasonal forecasts produced by a global climate model (GCM) generally underestimate such trend. Current statistical methods used for calibrating seasonal climate forecasts mostly do not explicitly account for climate trends. Consequently, the calibrated forecasts also fail to capture the observed trend. Solving this problem can enhance user confidence in seasonal climate forecasts. In this study, we extend the capability of the Bayesian joint probability (BJP) m..

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