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Aerosol generation related to respiratory interventions and the effectiveness of a personal ventilation hood.

Forbes McGain, Ruhi S Humphries, Jung Hoon Lee, Robyn Schofield, Craig French, Melita D Keywood, Louis Irving, Kevin Kevin, Jim Patel, Jason Monty

Critical Care and Resuscitation | College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVE: To quantify aerosol generation from respiratory interventions and the effectiveness of their removal by a personal ventilation hood. DESIGN AND SETTING: Determination of the aerosol particle generation (in a single, healthy volunteer in a clean room) associated with breathing, speaking, wet coughing, oxygen (O2) 15 L/min via face mask, O2 60 L/min via nasal prongs, bilevel non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation (BiPAP) and nebulisation with O2 10 L/min. INTERVENTIONS: Aerosol generation was measured with two particle sizer and counter devices, focusing on aerosols 0.5-5 μm (human-generated aerosols), with and without the hood. An increase from baseline of less than 0.3 particl..

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