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Effect of radiation damage on the quantum optical properties of nitrogen vacancies in diamond

H Genish, K Ganesan, A Stacey, S Prawer, M Rosenbluh

Diamond and Related Materials | Elsevier | Published : 2020


Single crystal diamond (<5 ppm nitrogen) containing native NV centers with coherence time of 150 μs was irradiated with 2 MeV alpha particles, with doses ranging from 1012 ion/cm2 to 1015 ion/cm2. The effect of ion damage on the coherence time of NV centers was studied using optically detected magnetic resonance and supplemented by fluorescence and Raman microscopy. A cross-sectional geometry was employed so that the NV coherence time could be measured as a function of increasing defect concentration along the ion track. Surprisingly, although the ODMR contrast was found to decrease with increasing ion induced vacancy concentration, the measured decoherence time remained undiminished at 150u..

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