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Neurovegetative symptom subtypes in young people with major depressive disorder and their structural brain correlates

Yara Toenders, Lianne Schmaal, Ben J Harrison, Richard Dinga, Michael Berk, Christopher G Davey

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractBackgroundDepression is a leading cause of burden of disease among young people. Current treatments are not uniformly effective, in part due to the heterogeneous nature of major depressive disorder (MDD). Refining MDD into more homogeneous subtypes is an important step towards identifying underlying pathophysiological mechanisms and improving treatment of young people. In adults, symptom-based subtypes of depression identified using data-driven methods mainly differed in patterns of neurovegetative symptoms (sleep and appetite/weight). These subtypes have been associated with differential biological mechanisms, including immuno-metabolic markers, genetics and brain alterations (mainl..

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