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“I feel a little bit more connected”: a qualitative study of Moderated Online Social Therapy for young people with active suicidal ideation (Preprint)

Eleanor Bailey, Jo Robinson, Mario Alvarez-Jimenez, Maja Nedeljkovic, Lee Valentine, Sarah Bendall, Simon D'Alfonso, Ben McKechnie, Simon Rice

JMIR Publications Inc.


BACKGROUND Online interventions are a promising approach to supporting youth at risk of suicide, and those incorporating peer-to-peer social networking may have the added potential to target interpersonal states of perceived burdensomeness and thwarted belongingness. Due to feasibility and safety concerns, including fear of contagion, this had not been tested until recently. OBJECTIVE In 2018 we conducted a pilot evaluation to test the feasibility, safety and acceptability of a Moderated Online Social Therapy intervention, called Affinity, with a sample of young people with a..

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