Journal article

Imaging suicidal thoughts and behavior: the promise of computational models

Anne-Laura van Harmelen, Lianne Schmaal, Hilary P Blumberg



Awarded by MQ Brighter Futures Award

Awarded by Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Awarded by NIMH

Awarded by NHMRC Career Development Fellowship

Awarded by Medical Research Foundation

Awarded by MQ: Transforming Mental Health

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors' research was supported by the MQ Brighter Futures Award MQBFC/2 (ALvH, LS, and HPB). ALvH was also supported by a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship (DH15017), and an MRC MRF emerging leaders award; LS by NIMH award R01MH117601 and a NHMRC Career Development Fellowship (1140764); and HPB by awards from the NIMH RC1MH088366, R01MH113230, R61MH111929, and R21MH108940, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, International Bipolar Foundation, and For the Love of Travis Foundation. The authors declare no conflicts of interest.