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Complete genome and phylogenetic analysis of bovine papillomavirus type 15 in Southern Xinjiang dairy cow

Jianjun Hu, Wanqi Zhang, Surinder Singh Chauhan, Changqing Shi, Yumeng Song, Yubing Zhao, Zhehong Wang, Long Cheng, Yingyu Zhang

Journal of Veterinary Science | Korean Society of Veterinary Science | Published : 2020


Background Bovine papilloma is a neoplastic disease caused by bovine papillomaviruses (BPVs), which were recently divided into 5 genera and at least 24 genotypes. Objectives The complete genome sequence of BPV type 15 (BPV Aks-02), a novel putative BPV type from skin samples from infected cows in Southern Xinjiang China, was determined by collecting warty lesions, followed by DNA extraction and amplicon sequencing. Methods DNA was analyzed initially by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using the degenerate primers FAP59 and FAP64. The complete genome sequences of the BPV Aks-02 were amplified by PCR using the amplification primers and sequencing primers. Sequence analysis and phylogenetic an..

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