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Feasibility and Acceptability of Fear-Less: A Stepped-Care Program to Manage Fear of Cancer Recurrence in People with Metastatic Melanoma

Fiona A Lynch, Lynda Katona, Michael Jefford, Allan Ben Smith, Joanne Shaw, Haryana M Dhillon, Steve Ellen, Jo Phipps-Nelson, Julia Lai-Kwon, Donna Milne, Lahiru Russell, Victoria Dax, Justine Diggens, Holly Kent, Alison Button-Sloan, Jane Elliott, Mark Shackleton, Hayley Burridge, Maria Ftanou



Immunotherapies and targeted therapies have revolutionised treatment of metastatic melanoma and improved survival rates. However, survivors treated with novel therapies are vulnerable to high levels of fear of cancer recurrence or progression (FCR). Existing FCR interventions have rarely been trialled in people with advanced cancer. The current study aimed to evaluate the acceptability and feasibility of Fear-Less: a stepped-care model to treat FCR in people with metastatic melanoma treated with immunotherapy or targeted therapy. Sixty-one outpatients with metastatic melanoma were screened using the Fear of Cancer Recurrence Inventory Short Form (FCRI-SF) and Fear of Progression Questionnair..

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