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Stabilising influence of a synchronous condenser in low inertia networks

Vishnu Arayamparambil Vinaya Mohanan, Iven MY Mareels, Robin J Evans, Ramachandra Rao Kolluri

IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution | Institution of Engineering and Technology | Published : 2020


Power systems have to be reinforced to accommodate a high penetration of renewable energy sources. Recent research shows that the stability margin of the grid degrades with the penetration of grid-tied photovoltaic generators into the grid. In the model presented in the study, the critical level of photovoltaic penetration is associated with a Hopf bifurcation in the field dynamics of the synchronous generators which severely limits the operating domain of the grid. It is shown that the judicious introduction of synchronous condensers in the modelled grid delays this dynamic instability. A small-signal analysis is performed for a system where the reactive power and inertial response is suppl..

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