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Resistance-Guided Antimicrobial Therapy Using Doxycycline-Moxifloxacin and Doxycycline-2.5 g Azithromycin for the Treatment of Mycoplasma genitalium Infection: Efficacy and Tolerability

Duygu Durukan, Tim RH Read, Gerald Murray, Michelle Doyle, Eric PF Chow, Lenka A Vodstrcil, Christopher K Fairley, Ivette Aguirre, Elisa Mokany, Lit Y Tan, Marcus Y Chen, Catriona S Bradshaw



BACKGROUND: Macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium (MG) exceeds 50% in many regions, and quinolone resistance is increasing. We recently reported that resistance-guided therapy (RGT) using doxycycline followed by sitafloxacin or 2.5 g azithromycin cured 92% and 95% of macrolide-resistant and macrolide-susceptible infections, respectively. We present data on RGT using doxycycline-moxifloxacin, the regimen recommended in international guidelines, and extend data on the efficacy of doxycycline-2.5 g azithromycin and de novo macrolide resistance. METHODS: Patients attending Melbourne Sexual Health Centre between 2017 and 2018 with sexually transmitted infection syndromes were treated with..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowships

Funding Acknowledgements

T. R. H. R. and E. P. F. C. were supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council Early Career Fellowships (T. R. H. R.: 1091536, E. P. F. C.: 1091226). The Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and the Royal Women's Hospital have received institutional funding from SpeeDx Pty Ltd to support research assistant salary while undertaking investigator-initiated studies.