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Diversity and dynamics of fungi during spontaneous fermentations and association with unique aroma profiles in wine

Di Liu, Jean-Luc Legras, Pangzhen Zhang, Deli Chen, Kate Howell

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractMicrobial activity is an integral part of an agricultural ecosystem and influences the quality of agricultural commodities. Microbial ecology influences grapevine health and crop production, conversion of sugar to ethanol during fermentation, thus wine aroma and flavour. There are regionally differentiated microbial patterns in grapevines and must but how microbial patterns contribute to wine regional distinctiveness (terroir) at small scale (<100 km) is not well defined. Here we characterise fungal communities, yeast populations, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae populations during spontaneous fermentation using metagenomics and population genetics to investigate microbial distribution a..

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