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Sleep-wake parameters can be detected in patients with chronic stroke using a multisensor accelerometer: a validation study.

Elie Gottlieb, Leonid Churilov, Emilio Werden, Thomas Churchward, Matthew P Pase, Natalia Egorova, Mark E Howard, Amy Brodtmann

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine | Published : 2021


STUDY OBJECTIVES: Sleep-wake dysfunction is bidirectionally associated with the pathogenesis and evolution of stroke. Longitudinal and prospective measurement of sleep after chronic stroke remains poorly characterized because of a lack of validated objective and ambulatory sleep measurement tools in neurological populations. This study aimed to validate a multisensor sleep monitor, the SenseWear Armband (SWA), in patients with ischemic stroke and control patients using at-home polysomnography. METHODS: Twenty-eight radiologically confirmed patients with ischemic stroke (aged 69.61 ± 7.35 years; mean = 4.1 years poststroke) and 16 control patients (aged 73.75 ± 7.10 years) underwent overnight..

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