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The conundrum of human immune system "senescence"

Graham Pawelec, Anne Bronikowski, Stephen C Cunnane, Luigi Ferrucci, Claudio Franceschi, Tamas Fulop, Pierrette Gaudreau, Vadim N Gladyshev, Efstathios S Gonos, Vera Gorbunova, Brian K Kennedy, Anis Larbi, Jean-Francois Lemaitre, Guang-Hui Liu, Andrea B Maier, Jose A Morais, Otavio T Nobrega, Alexey Moskalev, Marcel Olde Rikkert, Andrei Seluanov Show all

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2020


There is a great deal of debate on the question of whether or not we know what ageing is (Ref. Cohen et al., 2020). Here, we consider what we believe to be the especially confused and confusing case of the ageing of the human immune system, commonly referred to as "immunosenescence". But what exactly is meant by this term? It has been used loosely in the literature, resulting in a certain degree of confusion as to its definition and implications. Here, we argue that only those differences in immune parameters between younger and older adults that are associated in some definitive manner with detrimental health outcomes and/or impaired survival prospects should be classed as indicators of imm..

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