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The protective effects of human milk-derived peptides on the pancreatic islet biology.

Amitoj Singh, Ashwantha Kumar Enjapoori, Yann Gibert, Karen M Dwyer

Biology Open | Published : 2020


Several epidemiological studies support the protective role of breastfeeding in reducing the risk for type 1 diabetes. Human breast milk is the perfect nutrition for infants and contains many complex proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. In this study, we examined the physiological effects of human milk-derived opioid peptides, β-casomorphins (BCM), and compared them with bovine-milk-derived opioid peptides on pancreatic hormone regulation and β-cell regeneration. Exposure of wild-type zebrafish embryos to 50 µg/ml of human BCM-5 and -7 from 3 days post fertilisation until 6 days post fertilisation resulted in an increased insulin domain of expression while exposure to bovine BCM-5 and -7 sign..

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