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GeneMates: an R package for detecting horizontal gene co-transfer between bacteria using gene-gene associations controlled for population structure

Yu Wan, Ryan R Wick, Justin Zobel, Danielle J Ingle, Michael Inouye, Kathryn E Holt

BMC GENOMICS | BMC | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Horizontal gene transfer contributes to bacterial evolution through mobilising genes across various taxonomical boundaries. It is frequently mediated by mobile genetic elements (MGEs), which may capture, maintain, and rearrange mobile genes and co-mobilise them between bacteria, causing horizontal gene co-transfer (HGcoT). This physical linkage between mobile genes poses a great threat to public health as it facilitates dissemination and co-selection of clinically important genes amongst bacteria. Although rapid accumulation of bacterial whole-genome sequencing data since the 2000s enables study of HGcoT at the population level, results based on genetic co-occurrence counts and s..

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