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An alogical space of genetic reintrication: Notes on an element of Giorgio Agamben's method

J Clemens

Polemos | Department of Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome | Published : 2020


© 2020 Donzelli Editore Srl. All rights reserved. In this chapter, I will discuss Agamben's work through an analysis of one of his recurrent techniques: the genealogical interlacing of apparently antithetical concepts. I will examine this technique of Agamben's in some detail, with particular reference to what it enables him to adopt from and reshape in the work of Michel Foucault. In doing so, I give some justifications for Agamben's procedure in quite abstract philosophical terms, before showing how the challenges it raises are anything but abstract. I further show how this technique functions as a kind of motor for Agamben's work, driving him to extend and revisit his own theses on biopol..

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