The ‘good, bad and merit’ arguments in Australian news coverage of workplace gender diversity

Victor Sojo Monzon, Cordelia Fine, Holly Lawford-Smith, Ziying Yang, Cornelia Verspoor

The University of Melbourne and VicHealth | Published : 2020


Research aims: In this study, we used the machine learning technique of topic modelling, as well as qualitative content analysis, on a large sample of articles published in high-circulation Australian printed media with the objectives to: 1. Explore the ways workplace gender diversity issues are discussed. 2. Identify the most common types of arguments for and against striving for greater workplace gender diversity. 3. Evaluate whether the year and month of publication, the type of diversity discussed and the sex of the author are related to the types of arguments for and against workplace gender diversity. Research contribution: Our findings indicate that the analysed articles were more..

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