Conference Proceedings

Sample entropy analysis of pupillary signals in glaucoma patients and control via light-induced pupillometry.

Susmit Bhowmik, Mohammod Abdul Motin, Marc Sarossy, PeterJohn Radcliffe, Dinesh Kumar

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) | Published : 2020


This paper evaluated the pupillary light reflex of glaucomatous eyes in the presence of constant lighting via light-induced pupillometry using sample entropy. The study used 20 patients and 15 controls, applied three different light intensities to their eyes, and recorded the behavior of the pupil. This study has validated that there is a difference in the entropy of pupillary data in glaucoma and healthy eyes. We concluded that entropy analysis is an excellent method to differentiate glaucoma eyes with the control through light-induced pupillometry. Hence, pupillometry has potential clinical applications in glaucoma investigation.