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What Role Does COA6 Play in Cytochrome C Oxidase Biogenesis: A Metallochaperone or Thiol Oxidoreductase, or Both?

Shadi Maghool, Michael T Ryan, Megan J Maher

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | MDPI AG | Published : 2020


Complex IV (cytochrome c oxidase; COX) is the terminal complex of the mitochondrial electron transport chain. Copper is essential for COX assembly, activity, and stability, and is incorporated into the dinuclear CuA and mononuclear CuB sites. Multiple assembly factors play roles in the biogenesis of these sites within COX and the failure of this intricate process, such as through mutations to these factors, disrupts COX assembly and activity. Various studies over the last ten years have revealed that the assembly factor COA6, a small intermembrane space-located protein with a twin CX9C motif, plays a role in the biogenesis of the CuA site. However, how COA6 and its copper binding properties ..

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