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Parental somatic illnesses and their association with prodromal symptoms of psychosis among offspring

Lotta Kinnunen, Tanja Nordstrom, Mika Niemela, Sami Rasanen, Sarah Whittle, Michael Sawyer, Jouko Miettunen



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Funding Acknowledgements

The Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 (NFBC1986) is funded by EU QLG1-CT-2000-01643 (EUROBLCS) (#E51560); NorFA (#731, 20056, 30167) and USA/NIHH 2000 G DF682 (#50945). This study was supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation (L.K., #00160427); Lapland Regional Fund (L.K. #40181463); Juho Vainio Foundation (L.K., #201610329); The Finnish Medical Foundation (L.K., #3449); The University of Oulu Scholarship Foundation (L.K., #20180212); University of Oulu Graduate School (L.K.); Medical Research Center Oulu Doctoral Programme (L.K.); Finnish Medical Society Duodecim Oulu (L.K.); Academy of Finland (J.M., #268336, 288960); The Alma and K. A. Snellman Foundation, Oulu, Finland (M.N.); National Institute for Health and Welfare Finland (M.N.) and the National Health and Medical Research Council (S.W., #1125504).