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Electronic Spectrum of the Tropylium Cation in the Gas Phase

Ugo Jacovella, Michael S Scholz, Evan J Bieske

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters | AMER CHEMICAL SOC | Published : 2020


The structure and properties of the tropylium cation (C7H7+) have enthralled chemists since the prediction by Hückel in 1931 of the remarkable stability for cyclic, aromatic molecules containing six π-electrons. However, probing and understanding the excited electronic states of the isolated tropylium cation have proved challenging, as the accessible electronic transitions are weak, and there are difficulties in creating appreciable populations of the tropylium cation in the gas phase. Here, we present the first gas-phase S1 ←S0 electronic spectrum of the tropylium cation, recorded by resonance-enhanced photodissociation of weakly bound tropylium-Ar complexes. We demonstrate that the intensi..

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