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The multidecadal spatial pattern of erosion on sandstone shore platforms in south-eastern Australia

Runjie Yuan, David M Kennedy, Wayne J Stephenson, Brian L Finlayson



Knowledge of the spatial pattern of erosion on shore platforms is needed to better understand their evolution. The long-term spatial and temporal variation of downwearing remains difficult to interpret from erosion data commonly collected over 1–3 years of monitoring. We report erosion data recorded with a micro-erosion meter (MEM) over 40 years (1979–2019) on sandstone shore platforms in a micro-tidal environment along the Otway coast, Victoria, Australia. This well-preserved monitoring network (43 out of 44 original MEM sites) allowed a detailed investigation over a multidecadal timescale not previously considered. Over 40 years the mean erosion rate was 0.25 mm/yr. This value was statisti..

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Funding Acknowledgements

R.Y. was supported by a Melbourne Research Scholarship from The University of Melbourne. UAV flights were supported by the Victorian Coastal Monitoring Program (VCMP) funded through the Victorian Sustainability Fund. The assistance of Karina Sorrell and Sarah Beilman in the field is greatly appreciated. Yuqi Wang is thanked for editing Fig. 1. We thank Alan Trenhaile and an anonymous reviewer for their helpful and constructive comments.