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The Nation over Gender and Class: Media Framing of Comfort Women in South Korea and Japan

Jay Song, Jun Ohashi

European Journal of Korean Studies | The British Association for Korean Studies | Published : 2020


In December 2015, South Korea and Japan reached an agreement on resolving the “comfort women” issue that sparked media interests. This article analyses how the South Korean and Japanese media covered comfort women in 2013–2018. The study collects over 20,000 newspaper articles and analyses distinctive media framings in liberal, conservative and leftist newspapers in South Korea and Japan. During this period, the South Korean media have gone beyond the extant nationalist and feminist narratives and incorporated a class dimension. The authors find that there have been dynamic interplays among nation, gender and class that make the debates more complex and transnational, yet the dominant narrat..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the Asia Institute of the University of Melbourne for its financial support for the project at the Research Cluster on Migration, Gender and Environment. They would also like to thank Shuntaro Iizuka and Chanmi Chung for research assistance, Ikuko Nakane and Claire Maree for helpful peer review, the anonymous reviewers for generous feedback and finally Robert Winstanley-Chesters and James B. Lewis for their editorial guidance.