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Associations of Sarcopenia Components With Physical Activity and Nutrition in Australian Older Adults Performing Exercise Training

Ewelina Akehurst, David Scott, Juan Peña Rodriguez, Carol Alonso Gonzalez, Jasmaine Alyce Murphy, Helen McCarthy, Sandor Dorgo, Alan Hayes

Published : 2020


Abstract Background: The risk of progressive declines in skeletal muscle mass and strength, termed sarcopenia, increases with age, physical inactivity and poor diet. The purpose of this study was to explore associations of sarcopenia components with self-reported physical activity and nutrition in older adults participating in resistance training at conventional or Helsinki University Research [HUR] gyms. Methods: Muscle strength (via handgrip strength and chair stands), appendicular lean mass [ALM] (via dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) and physical performance (via gait speed over a 4-metre distance, short physical performance battery, timed up and go and 400-metre walk tests) were evaluat..

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