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Infliximab, adalimumab and vedolizumab concentrations across pregnancy and vedolizumab concentrations in infants following intrauterine exposure

Emma Flanagan, Peter R Gibson, Emily K Wright, Gregory T Moore, Miles P Sparrow, William Connell, Michael A Kamm, Jakob Begun, Britt Christensen, Peter De Cruz, Edward Shelton, Damian Dowling, Jane M Andrews, Steven J Brown, Olga Niewiadomski, Mark G Ward, Ourania Rosella, Gennaro Rosella, Katerina V Kiburg, Alyson L Ross Show all



Background The impact of pregnancy on levels of biologic agents in patients with IBD is undefined and time to elimination in vedolizumab‐exposed infants is unknown. Aims To determine the effect of pregnancy on infliximab, adalimumab and vedolizumab levels and to study infant vedolizumab clearance Methods In a prospective observational study, maternal drug levels were measured pre‐conception, in each trimester, at delivery and postpartum. The association between drug levels and gestation in weeks was assessed using generalised estimating equation modelling. Infant vedolizumab levels were performed at birth (cord blood), 6 weeks and 3 months or until undetectable. Results We included 50 IBD..

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