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Potential for novel biomarkers in diabetes-associated chronic kidney disease: Epigenome, metabolome, and gut microbiome

A Lecamwasam, EI Ekinci, R Saffery, KM Dwyer

Biomedicines | Published : 2020


Diabetes-associated chronic kidney disease is a pandemic issue. Despite the global increase in the number of individuals with this chronic condition together with increasing morbidity and mortality, there are currently only limited therapeutic options to slow disease progression. One of the reasons for this is that the current-day “gold standard” biomarkers lack adequate sensitivity and specificity to detect early diabetic chronic kidney disease (CKD). This review focuses on the rapidly evolving areas of epigenetics, metabolomics, and the gut microbiome as potential sources of novel biomarkers in diabetes-associated CKD and discusses their relevance to clinical practice. However, it also hig..

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