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Characterization of particle deposition during crossflow filtration as influenced by permeate flux and crossflow velocity using a microtiuidic filtration system

Hongzhan Di, Gregory JO Martin, Dave E Dunstan

Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering | Springer | Published : 2021


Particle deposition during crossflow filtration is significantly influenced by the operating conditions, in particular the permeate flux and crossflow velocity. However, there is a lack of detailed knowledge about how deposit layer structures and distributions depend on operating parameters. This study uses a microfluidic visualisation filtration system to examine the influence of operating conditions on the deposition process during crossflow ultrafiltration from a microscopic perspective. Increasing the permeate flux caused an increasing amount of deposition and a thicker deposit layer. Higher crossflow velocities reduced the extent of deposition. The degree of deposition varied over a ran..

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