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Nuclear response to divergent mitochondrial DNA genotypes modulates the interferon immune response

M Isabel G Lopez Sanchez, Mark Ziemann, Annabell Bachem, Rahul Makam, Jonathan G Crowston, Carl A Pinkert, Matthew McKenzie, Sammy Bedoui, Ian A Trounce



Mitochondrial OXPHOS generates most of the energy required for cellular function. OXPHOS biogenesis requires the coordinated expression of the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes. This represents a unique challenge that highlights the importance of nuclear-mitochondrial genetic communication to cellular function. Here we investigated the transcriptomic and functional consequences of nuclear-mitochondrial genetic divergence in vitro and in vivo. We utilized xenomitochondrial cybrid cell lines containing nuclear DNA from the common laboratory mouse Mus musculus domesticus and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from Mus musculus domesticus, or exogenous mtDNA from progressively divergent mouse species Mus..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council APP115979 (Dr Ian A. Trounce), the Mito Foundation (Dr M. Isabel G. Lopez Sanchez), and the State Government of Victoria, Operational Infrastructure Support (Centre for Eye Research Australia). The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.