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Health and fertility of ICSI-conceived young men: study protocol.

SR Catford, S Lewis, J Halliday, J Kennedy, MK O'Bryan, J McBain, DJ Amor, L Rombauts, R Saffery, RJ Hart, RI McLachlan

Human Reproduction Open | Published : 2020


STUDY QUESTIONS: What are the long-term health and reproductive outcomes for young men conceived using ICSI whose fathers had spermatogenic failure (STF)? Are there epigenetic consequences of ICSI conception? WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY: Currently, little is known about the health of ICSI-conceived adults, and in particular the health and reproductive potential of ICSI-conceived men whose fathers had STF. Only one group to date has assessed semen parameters and reproductive hormones in ICSI-conceived men and suggested higher rates of impaired semen quality compared to spontaneously conceived (SC) peers. Metabolic parameters in this same cohort of men were mostly comparable. No study has yet evalua..

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