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Outcomes for children after second liver transplantations are similar to those after first transplantations: a binational registry analysis

Angus W Jeffrey, Gary P Jeffrey, Michael Stormon, Gordon Thomas, Edward O'Loughlin, Albert Shun, Winita Hardikar, Robert Jones, John McCall, Helen Evans, Graham Starkey, Peter Hodgkinson, Looi C Ee, David Moore, Catherine Mews, Geoff W McCaughan, Peter W Angus, Alan J Wigg, Michael Crawford, Jonathan Fawcett



Objective To assess long term graft and patient survival after donor liver retransplantation in children in Australia and New Zealand during 1986–2017; to determine the factors that influence survival. Design Retrospective cohort analysis (registry data). Setting, participants Australia and New Zealand Liver Transplant Registry data for all liver retransplantations in children (under 18 years of age), 1986–2017, in all four paediatric and six adult liver transplantation centres in the two countries. Main outcome measures Graft and patient survival at one, 5, 10 and 15 years. Results 142 liver retransplantations were undertaken in children (59 during 1986–2000, 83 during 2001–2017). Kapla..

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