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Nationhood, sex and the family: Neoconservatism and the moral dilemmas of privatisation in schooling

J Gerrard

Privatisation and Commercialisation in Public Education: How the Public Nature of Schooling is Changing | Published : 2020


Schooling has long been central to debates concerning public morality, the construction of national community and the maintenance of knowledge traditions. These debates are inextricably connected to the defence and understanding of mass schooling as a public good, with justified governmental financial support. Indeed, despite transnational moves towards the privatisation of education, schooling remains strongly within governmental purview precisely because it acts as a key site of citizenship-making. Most recently, schooling has been at the centre of so-called ‘culture wars’, in which curricula, pedagogy and even schooling administration have been subject to intensive neoconservative critici..

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