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CUP-AI-Dx: A tool for inferring cancer tissue of origin and molecular subtype using RNA gene-expression data and artificial intelligence

Yue Zhao, Ziwei Pan, Sandeep Namburi, Andrew Pattison, Atara Posner, Shiva Balachander, Carolyn A Paisie, Honey Reddi, Jens Rueter, Anthony J Gill, Stephen Fox, Kanwal PS Raghav, William F Flynn, Richard W Tothill, Sheng Li, R Krishna Murthy Karuturi, Joshy George

EBIOMEDICINE | ELSEVIER | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Cancer of unknown primary (CUP), representing approximately 3-5% of all malignancies, is defined as metastatic cancer where a primary site of origin cannot be found despite a standard diagnostic workup. Because knowledge of a patient's primary cancer remains fundamental to their treatment, CUP patients are significantly disadvantaged and most have a poor survival outcome. Developing robust and accessible diagnostic methods for resolving cancer tissue of origin, therefore, has significant value for CUP patients. METHODS: We developed an RNA-based classifier called CUP-AI-Dx that utilizes a 1D Inception convolutional neural network (1D-Inception) model to infer a tumor's primary ti..

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