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Genetic, Morphological and Antigenic Relationships between Mesonivirus Isolates from Australian Mosquitoes and Evidence for Their Horizontal Transmission.

Natalee D Newton, Agathe MG Colmant, Caitlin A O'Brien, Emma Ledger, Devina Paramitha, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Daniel Watterson, Breeanna J McLean, Sonja Hall-Mendelin, David Warrilow, Andrew F van den Hurk, Wenjun Liu, Christina Hoare, Joanne R Kizu, Penelope J Gauci, John Haniotis, Stephen L Doggett, Babak Shaban, Cheryl A Johansen, Roy A Hall Show all

Viruses | MDPI AG | Published : 2020


The Mesoniviridae are a newly assigned family of viruses in the order Nidovirales. Unlike other nidoviruses, which include the Coronaviridae, mesoniviruses are restricted to mosquito hosts and do not infect vertebrate cells. To date there is little information on the morphological and antigenic characteristics of this new group of viruses and a dearth of mesonivirus-specific research tools. In this study we determined the genetic relationships of recent Australian isolates of Alphamesonivirus 4 (Casuarina virus-CASV) and Alphamesonivirus 1 (Nam Dinh virus-NDiV), obtained from multiple mosquito species. Australian isolates of NDiV showed high-level similarity to the prototype NDiV isolate fro..

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