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Heterogeneity in response to serological exposure markers of recentPlasmodium vivaxinfections in contrasting epidemiological contexts

Jason Rosado, Michael White, Rhea Longley, Marcus Lacerda, Wuelton Monteiro, Jessica Brewster, Jetsumon Sattabongkot, Mitchel Guzman-Guzman, Alejandro Llanos-Cuentas, Joseph Vinetz, Dionicia Gamboa, Ivo Mueller

Published : 2020


Background Antibody responses as serological markers of Plasmodium vivax infection have been shown to correlate with exposure, but little is known about the other factors that affect antibody responses in naturally infected people from endemic settings. To address this question, we studied IgG responses to novel serological exposure markers (SEMs) of P. vivax in three settings with different transmission intensity. Methodology We validated a panel of 34 SEMs in a Peruvian cohort with up to three years’ longitudinal follow-up using a multiplex platform and compared results to data from cohorts in Thailand and Brazil. Linear regression models were used to characterize the association between a..

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