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Challenges in Australian policy processes for disinvestment from existing, ineffective health care practices.

Adam G Elshaug, Janet E Hiller, Sean R Tunis, John R Moss

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: Internationally, many health care interventions were diffused prior to the standard use of assessments of safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. Disinvestment from ineffective or inappropriately applied practices is a growing priority for health care systems for reasons of improved quality of care and sustainability of resource allocation. In this paper we examine key challenges for disinvestment from these interventions and explore potential policy-related avenues to advance a disinvestment agenda. RESULTS: We examine five key challenges in the area of policy driven disinvestment: 1) lack of resources to support disinvestment policy mechanisms; 2) lack of reliable adminis..

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