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Wind, waves, and surface currents in the Southern Ocean: Observations from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition

Marzieh H Derkani, Alberto Alberello, Filippo Nelli, Luke G Bennetts, Katrin G Hessner, Keith MacHutchon, Konny Reichert, Lotfi Aouf, Salman Saeed Khan, Alessandro Toffoli

Copernicus GmbH


Abstract. The Southern Ocean has a profound impact on the Earth's climate system. Its strong winds, intense currents, and fierce waves are critical components of the air-sea interface and contribute to absorbing, storing, and releasing heat, moisture, gasses, and momentum. Owing to its remoteness and harsh environment, this region is significantly under sampled, hampering the validation of prediction models and large scale observations from satellite sensors. Here, an unprecedented data set of simultaneous observations of winds, surface currents, and ocean waves is presented, to address the scarcity of in situ observations in the region – (Alberello et ..

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