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Time to antimicrobial therapy in septic shock patients treated with an early goal-directed resuscitation protocol: A post-hoc analysis of the ARISE trial

Esther B Bulle, Sandra L Peake, Mark Finnis, Rinaldo Bellomo, Anthony Delaney



Objective: Intravenous antimicrobial therapy within 1 h of the diagnosis of septic shock is recommended in international sepsis guidelines. We aimed to evaluate the association between antimicrobial timing and mortality in patients presenting to the ED with septic shock. Methods: Post-hoc analysis of 1587 adult participants enrolled in the Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation (ARISE) multicentre trial of early goal-directed therapy for whom the time of initial antimicrobial therapy was recorded. We compared participants who had initiation of antimicrobials within the first hour (early) or later (delayed) of ED presentation. A propensity score model using inverse probability of tre..

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