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Sulforaphane improves vascular reactivity in mouse and human arteries after "preeclamptic-like" injury.

A Langston-Cox, CH Leo, M Tare, EM Wallace, SA Marshall

Placenta | Published : 2020


INTRODUCTION: The widespread maternal endothelial dysfunction that underlies the manifestations of preeclampsia is thought to arise from excessive placental production of antiangiogenic factors and enhanced oxidative stress. Therefore, we assessed whether the natural antioxidant sulforaphane could improve vascular function. METHODS: Cell viability of human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) was assessed after 24 or 48 h in normoxia (20% O2) or hypoxia (1% O2) with or without sulforaphane. To model vascular dysfunction associated with preeclampsia, mouse mesenteric arteries were incubated in trophoblast conditioned media (TCM), and human omental arteries incubated in preeclamptic expla..

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