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Simulating chlorophyll-a fluorescence changing rate and phycocyanin fluorescence by using a multi-sensor system in Lake Taihu, China

Jingwei Yang, Andreas Holbach, Michael J Stewardson, Andre Wilhelms, Yanwen Qin, Binghui Zheng, Hua Zou, Boqiang Qin, Guangwei Zhu, Christian Moldaenke, Stefan Norra



Algal pollution in water sources has posed a serious problem. Estimating algal concentration in advance saves time for drinking water plants to take measures and helps us to understand causal chains of algal dynamics. This paper explores the possibility of building a short-term algal early warning model with online monitoring systems. In this study, we collected high-frequency data for water quality and weather conditions in shallow and eutrophic Lake Taihu by an in situ multi-sensor system (BIOLIFT) combined with a weather station. Extracted chlorophyll-a from water samples and chlorophyll-a fluorescence differentiated according to different algal classeses verified that chlorophyll-a fluor..

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