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The impact of stormwater biofilter design and operational variables on nutrient removal - a statistical modelling approach.

Kefeng Zhang, Yizhou Liu, Ana Deletic, David T McCarthy, Belinda E Hatt, Emily GI Payne, Gayani Chandrasena, Yali Li, Tracey Pham, Behzad Jamali, Edoardo Daly, Tim D Fletcher, Anna Lintern

Water Research | Elsevier | Published : 2021


Biofiltration systems can help mitigate the impact of urban runoff as they can treat, retain and attenuate stormwater. It is important to select the optimal design characteristics of biofilters (e.g., vegetation, filter media depth) to ensure high treatment performance. Operational conditions (e.g., infiltration rate) can also lead to significant changes in biofilter treatment performance over time. The impact of specific operational conditions on water quality treatment performance of stormwater biofilters is still not well understood. Furthermore, despite the importance of design characteristics and operational conditions on biofilter treatment performance, there is a lack of models that c..

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