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Predicting Defective Lines Using a Model-Agnostic Technique

S Wattanakriengkrai, P Thongtanunam, C Tantithamthavorn, H Hata, K Matsumoto

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering | IEEE | Published : 2020


Defect prediction models are proposed to help a team prioritize source code areas files that need Software Quality Assurance (SQA) based on the likelihood of having defects. However, developers may waste their unnecessary effort on the whole file while only a small fraction of its source code lines are defective. Indeed, we find that as little as 1%-3% of lines of a file are defective. Hence, in this work, we propose a novel framework (called LINE-DP) to identify defective lines using a model-agnostic technique, i.e., an Explainable AI technique that provides information why the model makes such a prediction. Broadly speaking, our LINE-DP first builds a file-level defect model using code tok..

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