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Temporal signal and the phylodynamic threshold of SARS-CoV-2

Sebastian Duchene, Leo Featherstone, Melina Haritopoulou-Sinanidou, Andrew Rambaut, Philippe Lemey, Guy Baele

Virus Evolution | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2020


Abstract The ongoing SARS-CoV-2 outbreak marks the first time that large amounts of genome sequence data have been generated and made publicly available in near real time. Early analyses of these data revealed low sequence variation, a finding that is consistent with a recently emerging outbreak, but which raises the question of whether such data are sufficiently informative for phylogenetic inferences of evolutionary rates and time scales. The phylodynamic threshold is a key concept that refers to the point in time at which sufficient molecular evolutionary change has accumulated in available genome samples to obtain robust phylodynamic estimates. For example, before the phyl..

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