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Reduced EGFR and increased miR-221 is associated with increased resistance to temozolomide and radiotherapy in glioblastoma

Zammam Areeb, Sarah F Stuart, Alice J West, Juliana Gomez, Hong PT Nguyen, Lucia Paradiso, Ahmad Zulkifli, Jordan Jones, Andrew H Kaye, Andrew P Morokoff, Rodney B Luwor



Despite aggressive treatment with temozolomide and radiotherapy and extensive research into alternative therapies there has been little improvement in Glioblastoma patient survival. Median survival time remains between 12 and 15 months mainly due to treatment resistance and tumor recurrence. In this study, we aimed to explore the underlying mechanisms behind treatment resistance and the lack of success with anti-EGFR therapy in the clinic. After generating a number of treatment resistant Glioblastoma cell lines we observed that resistant cell lines lacked EGFR activation and expression. Furthermore, cell viability assays showed resistant cells were significantly less sensitive to the anti-EG..

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