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Mineral dissolution and precipitation reactions and their net balance controlled by mineral surface area: An experimental study on the interactions between continental flood basalts and CO2-saturated water at 80 bars and 60 degrees C

Meghalim Phukan, Hong Phuc Vu, Ralf R Haese



Continental flood basalts are currently considered as unconventional CO2 storage reservoirs given several knowledge gaps remain. This study addresses the question whether subvertical fractures and joints in the storage complex and its overburden may lead to long-term CO2 leakage or whether commencement of self-sealing can be expected at an early stage of geochemical reactions. The latter occurs when mineral precipitation outcompetes mineral dissolution. The nature of secondary mineral precipitation and the change of ion concentrations over time were studied in a batch reactor experiment where basalt wafers with a low surface area were exposed to CO2-saturated formation water at a pressure of..

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