Journal article

Re-examining ferritin-bound iron: current and developing clinical tools

Erin S Grant, Danielle B Clucas, Gawain McColl, Liam T Hall, David A Simpson

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine | WALTER DE GRUYTER GMBH | Published : 2021


Iron is a highly important metal ion cofactor within the human body, necessary for haemoglobin synthesis, and required by a wide range of enzymes for essential metabolic processes. Iron deficiency and overload both pose significant health concerns and are relatively common world-wide health hazards. Effective measurement of total iron stores is a primary tool for both identifying abnormal iron levels and tracking changes in clinical settings. Population based data is also essential for tracking nutritional trends. This review article provides an overview of the strengths and limitations associated with current techniques for diagnosing iron status, which sets a basis to discuss the potential..

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