Conference Proceedings

Sentience and Place: Towards More-than-Human Cultures

Douglas Brock, Stanislav Roudavski, Christine Ross (ed.), Chris Salter (ed.)

Why Sentience? Proceedings of the 26th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA 2020) | Printemps Numérique/ISEA | Published : 2020


Expectations for the future can differ greatly. Some await a technical utopia that will support harmonious and easy lives. Others predict a global ecosystem collapse that will threaten the future of humans as species. Both camps make appeals to sentience in support of their stories. Addressing this discordance, this paper combines narratives in ecology and technology to ask what roles sentience might play in future places. In response, it hypothesizes that an understanding of sentience as an inclusive, relational and distributed phenomenon can promote more-than-human cultures and contribute to the wellbeing of heterogenous stakeholders on the Earth and beyond. To test this hypothe..

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