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Australian smokers' experiences and perceptions of recessed and firm filter cigarettes.

Melanie A Wakefield, Kimberley Dunstone, Emily Brennan, Amanda Vittiglia, Michelle Scollo, Sarah J Durkin, Janet Hoek, James Thrasher, Dorothy Hatsukami, Neal Benowitz, Jonathan M Samet

Tobacco Control | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: While cigarette filter modifications have long been used to increase product appeal and assuage health concerns, tighter marketing restrictions, including plain packaging, have further spurred the growth of filter variants. We explored and assessed experiences and perceptions of smokers who had tried and/or currently use recessed filter cigarettes (RFCs) and firm filter cigarettes (FFCs). METHOD: In November 2018, we undertook eight exploratory focus groups of Australian adult factory-made cigarette smokers (total n=56). In July 2019, we surveyed 999 smokers aged 18-69 years to quantify ever and current use of these products and associated beliefs and sensory experiences. RESULTS..

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