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Physical Distancing Measures and Walking Activity in Middle-aged and Older Residents in Changsha, China, During the COVID-19 Epidemic Period: Longitudinal Observational Study (Preprint)

Yilun Wang, Yuqing Zhang, Kim Bennell, Daniel Kenta White, Jie Wei, Ziying Wu, Hongyi He, Shaohui Liu, Xianghang Luo, Shuo Hu, Chao Zeng, Guanghua Lei

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BACKGROUND Physical distancing measures taken to contain COVID-19 transmission may substantially reduce physical activity levels and cause individuals to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to determine if there was any change in daily steps, an important component of daily physical activity, and examine risk factors for frequent low daily steps during the COVID-19 epidemic. METHODS We used data collected from the Step Study, a population-based ..

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